What is VFX Crash Course?

A online video course that will teach you how to create amazing vfx shots from home!

  • Getting Inspired: Learn ways of getting inspired and coming up with ideas.
  • Finding & Working with clients: How to pitch your ideas to a client & them see your vision.
  • Planning: Now that you have a cool idea, how are you going to create it? We will teach you helpful tips on how to be prepared for production and post production.

  • Communication: Learn how to work on a set as a VFX Supervisor.
  • What to capture: Notes,data and footage you will need for post.
  • How to capture: Properly set up a shot to save you time in post.

*We will be using the following programs however principles still apply across other programs*

  • Master shot: Create a master shot that sets the style for the other shots
  • Tracking: Learn 2D & 3D Tracking in After Effects, Mocha & Syntheyes
  • CGI (Cinema 4D): I will teach you how use C4D as a VFX Artist! Camera Mapping, Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Lighting & Rendering.
  • Matte Painting: Take your audience to another planet and learn basics of Matte painting in adobe Photoshop
  • Simulations: Create snow, fire, smoke & particles using built in plugins in After effects, Particular & C4D's Xparticles and Turbulence FD.
  • Keying & Rotoscoping: I will be teaching you all of my secrets on how to get incredible Keys & rotos in Adobe After Effects and Mocha Pro.
  • Compositing: Blending elements together to get photo realistic effects can be tough! I will show you my workflow on how to achieve Hollywood level composites from home. 
  • Color Grading: Finally we will go through how to get that cinematic look in Adobe After Effects.