Price $120

Instant Download


  • 24 professional 5k/6k Fire Explosions
  • Twelve 6k, 85 fps explosions
  • Twelve 5k, 96 fps explosions
  • Five extra 5k digital smoke/dust explosions

COMBUST was filmed using high-end professional cameras, giving you more detail and dynamic range.

All explosions have been exported as Quicktime Apple Pro-res format, 5k/6k resolution.


1) Open the “COMBUST 5k/6K Explosions” folder and import selected .mov files into preferred program. “ i.e.  Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Nuke, Fusion, Final Cut”

2) Next, drag and drop your “5k/6k-Combust” file in a layer above your footage.

3) Finally, Change your composite mode to either ‘Screen’ or ‘Add’.