Hi friends! I'm Aaron!

As long as I can remember I have been making videos & visual effects. The first memory I have is when my dad let me use his HI-8 camera and my friends and I would make stop motion action figure movies.

The day I discovered Adobe After Effects I knew I had to learn it! I began using After Effects in jr. high school and would watch hours of tutorials. 

My first job as a motion graphic artist & videographer was at Unicity International! Working there for 4 years was a great time! I had amazing co-workers & friends that taught me and encouraged me to improve everyday. My awesome coworkers (Denver Riddle from Colorgrading Central, Chris Newman from Cinechopper University & Matt Butler) are the ones who inspired me to create VFX Central. While working there I was always doing freelance on the side, working on music videos, commercials and YouTube videos. I finally had enough freelance & products on VFX Central to quit my day job and pursue my own business.

I have been taught so much by personal friends and online friends that I feel I must give back to the community of film makers and visual effects artist. I created VFX Central to make products and education that truly can help the community. Helping people grow and "get the job done" faster & better, is very rewarding. 

My Work


Under Funded Film Festival 'Best Music Award 2015'

Utah Music Awards 'Best Cinematography'