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'Eye of the Storm' Music Video

Eye of the Storm BTS
Making ‘Eye of the Storm’ was definitely a project that stretched all of us creatively and is a video I am extremely proud of! When I (Aaron Sorensen (Director) first heard the song I knew I had to make the music video for it. I was willing to go all out, and so was Garrett (musician/singer). 
I listened to the song over and over, getting a lot of cool ideas in my head that I wanted to try. Garrett and I agreed on the concept and moved forward. 
It took about 2 full days of shooting in 3 different locations, over 2 months of postproduction and would have cost around $10,000.00 in total budget. We did it for cheaper because our hearts were in it ;) 

I spent months compositing clouds, lighting storms and grading in adobe after effects. A lot of friends and family took time out of their schedules to make this possible and we honestly couldn’t have done it without them. So thank you everyone on the cast and crew for believing and sacrificing for this project. Thank you Garrett, Hiram and Brenden for making an inspiring song! Jared Fadel for boosting my spirits when I felt overwhelmed. Tim Burton for building a rain machine. John Preece for donating his lights. Kameron Roberts & Justin Vance for the DJ lights. Kami Prete for makeup skills. Zeb Jackson for letting us use his Red Dragon for an evening. And of course loving family and friends you support us in what we love to do! 
-Aaron Sorensen

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